Sri Lanka
SKYTRACK Vehicle Tracking System is a new product, which is specially designed device for Fleet Management System. This product will serve the customer On-line / Off-line; as pre their need. When considering On-Line System, this could be treated as a vital tool for the companies whom they required to monitor the movement and the location of the vehicle lively. As far as is concerned Cab services, Dangerous Goods Transporting Companies, Fuel & Gas Tankers And Security Companies providing Cash transit facility will be benefited.
Our Off-Line System is more suitable to the customer, who required statistical Information about their fleet, Specially Fuel tank analysis, Driving behavior, and accidental investigations could be named some of the available features and there is many other MIS information also. The above two systems could be monitored from abase station consist of the Digital Map of Sri Lanka (ICS will provide). Therefore the customer could easily find the location, heading speed and vehicle’s direction on the computer screen itself. Further it will highlight whether the vehicle is idling or engine is switched off. It has many more feathers as such. This is not only be done by our Authorized monitoring Station.
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